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3, 3, 3 the game theory of healing the planet

Welcome friend,

If you are here, it’s because you’ve heard the gentle whisper in the air. A sweet song that cannot be ignored and makes you look up from your job and your day-to-day tasks, and it takes you back to that green land in which you used to play as a child.

Only this time, you do not feel joy but sadness and pain. For the shade of the trees is almost gone, and the singing of the birds is almost gone, and the buzzing of the insects is almost gone, and the fresh breeze of the morning is almost gone.

But the whisper calls for your name and reveals something to you. You do not see the world they left you behind, but the world that could be. And you realize that this is it. This is a chance for the rebirth of our Earth. There’s no time for sorrow, we need to build tomorrow.

So here you are, and we’re happy to see you. For we want to invite you to dream with us. To dream of a future where prosperity and abundance can exist not at the expense of our mother world, but rather as a result of our harmonious relationship with it. You see, our journey towards material progress not only resulted in our capacity for destruction, but also in our capacity to regenerate our planet.

Now, together we can set in motion a new flow of progress which allows this regenerative capacity to thrive.

As the first step to manifest this dream into the material realm, we are joining forces under the ✺DRM Syndicate to become the #1 carbon remover on the planet. Reaching our crowdfunding goal will allow us to awaken the growth of some of the most exciting and effective carbon removal projects in the world.

The flourishing of these projects will kick-start the healing process of our planet at a major scale and serve as the foundation for a new carbon coin. Its birth, will allow us to hyperscale carbon removal while simultaneously creating wealth for generations to come.

Not so long ago, we began our journey on this planet hungry and scared. We were never expelled from paradise; we were meant to create it here on Earth. So, we now decide to change our direction before it’s too late and plant the seeds of progress that will allow our civilization to prosper while regenerating our planet.

Future generations will look back at this moment and they will tell the story of how it all started today, right now, with a dream. Come #DRMwithus

— The Eden Dao

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"Stoked about this and the disruptive impact it will have on the growth rate of carbon removal technologies. This is the most epic thing happening in carbon removal right now!"

Brendan from Patch.io
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